Welp... 2019 is shaping up to be QUITE a year already. Inspirations and strange dreams surround me... and I'll be revisiting a very special place later this summer. I've no doubt that songs will spring forth from these adventures. It's time to reconnect with some old friends... and greet some new ones on this journey.

Blessed Be, and may 2019 bring you much joy and promise. May this new year gift you with some of the things that you wish for, and some that you need. May you revel in who you are. Become your own greatness. <3

New Year, New Stuff! Almost a million views on Youtube. 

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  • Aug 2
    Lammasfest,  Iowa City
  • Aug 31
    Hippie Fest,  Jadwin
  • Sep 27
    New Haven Event Park,  Ava
  • Mar 31
    Rising Sun Camp, 

Gypsy Song

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